The Climate Machine

soldering iron scorching C02 data as rings into recycled paper

In the centre of the gallery will be an interactive sculpture, a circular machine that draws the global climate C02 levels from the last 70 years by scorching rings into a stack of circular sheets of recycled paper.  A soldering iron is connected to a computer and controlled by the C02 data. Each sheet of paper will show a ring created by annual global climate C02 levels. We will work backwards from April 2011 levels and draw a ring per year back to 1958).

Each sheet will show monthly, seasonal and yearly changes in C02 through the shape of each ring and will show the steady annual increase that has occurred over the last 50-70 years.  At the end of each rotation the sheet will be taken off the machine by the invigilator, stamped (embossed) with the date and hung in a row from the ceiling. Each rotation of the paper will take approx 1 hour. The rings are likely to appear as ellipses and each sheet of paper is likely to have a larger ring on it as the C02 has steadly increased over this time, generating unique art prints with the scorched C02 data in them by the end of the 2 weeks exhibition.

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