Estudio Movel Experimental


A Mobile Artists Residency
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

We went on a journey to a forest where the air speaks as we travelled across time and location – from the temperate north to the tropical south – to discover the invisible forces at play.

During the residency at EME hosted by Silvia Leal (the British Brazilian artist we are collaborating with on A Conversation Between Trees) we developed our existing sensors and visualisation in order to use it as a wearable, mobile sensor kit and map a journey to the Mata Atlantica Forest in the Rio state in EME’s van (a mobile artist’s studio).  You can visit to view the work that was generated live online by our journey and interaction with people we met along the way. We visited the school where we had worked as part of the Dark Forest schools exchange (Active Ingredient worked with them virtually through a NING website and Skype) whilst Silvia and Alissa worked in school facilitating workshops and interventions.  During the 2 weeks residency we also spent time at the Rio Botanical Gardens, Guanabara Bay Institute and visiting projects in the forest around Rio including REGUA and the botanist and artist Bruno Rezende’s magnificant farm.

EME is an experimental mobile studio that functions as a mobile interface for the arts and sciences to take action upon the city of Rio, its urban and natural spaces through observation, negotiation, participation and play.

Week 1 – Escola Camilo Castelo Branco

2 days workshops with 80 young people to follow up The Dark Forest school’s exchange.  Setting up the van as a mobile installation and studio in the playground of the school to work with groups each morning.

Day 1 – being human sensors in the forest on the edge of the school to ‘humanise the data’ we were collecting with the mobile sensor kits, looking at temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, decibels and light.

Day 2- making data maps based on our digital visualisation of the live data collected using the mobile sensor kits. Using felt to create a data map to visualise the data collected from the young people the day before.

Day 3 – Setting up the exhibition at Escola Camilo Castelo Branco and presenting a book to the school documenting the work from the Dark Forest Exchange.

Datamaps - Atmospheric Pressure and TemperatureDatamaps - Decibels and Light

Week 2 – REGUA and NEA

We transmitted live feeds from our experiments aboard EME in Rio De Janeiro on board the EME van and traveling to the REGUA in the Macacu region of the Mata Atlantica. Developing and testing concepts for the mobile artwork that will be part of the tour of Conversation Between Trees in 2011.


EME logos

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