Hello Tree Phone Application

Visitors will be able to borrow a mobile phone to take out into the forest.  The phone application will guide them into the woods, asking people to act as human sensors and take control of the way the forest is captured, visualised and sensed as they explore.  Visitors will be able to view their journeys and the data they collect on the website when the exhibition is live.

…There is a point where the clearing, the landscaped space inhabited by us humans stops and the boundary, a dark line of trees, appears in front of you.  Walk towards the edge of the forest.  If you cross this line you will become submerged.  The light changes, shadows deepen, sounds are layered.  There are new rules.  Animals blink from the shadows, watching your presence in their world.  The colours of your clothes, your footfall and your voice warns them of a visitor.

Try to walk as silently as you can. Watch your footsteps, and take time to stop; breathe and look around you. If you are in a group you should walk in a line, one in front of the other. Native Indians in Brazil adopt this as a way of reducing noise and tracks.

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