Final stretch of the exhibition, full set of drawings and talk

full set of heat drawings representing carbon dioxide levels as circular graphs

We are now back in Nottingham after (for me) 2 and a half weeks in Exeter and Haldon Forest.  It is also the last week for the exhibition at Rufford Abbey Country Park (Sherwood Forest).  It has been rewarding, frustrating and exciting (and sometimes a little scary).

We collected the live data from the trees and despite various technical issues along the way with the sensors the trees did their conversation.  A full set of carbon dioxide levels from the Manua Loa series (Trends in Carbon Dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, 1958 – 2011, were burnt into paper using the climate machine and some fantastic dialogues with visitors took place.

The final event at CCANW took place on Saturday when over 40 people came to the opening of the final exhibition and a talk by me (Rachel) and Carlo from the MET office.  Some great questions were asked and it was very interesting to hear Carlo’s perspective on working on the project as well as why he is interested in working with artists.  Finally the mysteryof the high humidity readings in Haldon Forest was resolved by a discussion around relative and absolute humidity, with a welcome explaination about the effect of heat on the wetness in the air and how a high relative humidity reading in Brazil would likely contain more wetness than a high relative humidity reading in the UK as the air was colder and so the saturation levels are lower (i think that was what was said)!

Some great feedback once again and lovely to meet all the visitors at CCANW.

heat drawings and screen

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