Haldon Forest

Being in Haldon Forest is another experience altogether from the woods and forests where we have been so far.  We stayed 3 nights in the forest which was fun and wierd.  Sleeping in the gallery as the artwork is set up has its benefits (you can get started early and finish when you want to) but it is also impossible to switch off and waking up staring at the projectors wondering why they aren’t going to the resolution you want them at is not exactly restful.  That said it was an adventure of a different kind seeing the deer, the slightly suspect parked cars in the car park and huge slugs disguised as Autumn leaves at night, and the density of stars and bright moonlight you rarely see in the city.  It was fun to pile the air beds up, with a bottle of red wine and a bowl of strawberries and settle done to watch a film projected on the gallery wall.  Although the film we choose was way to clever and complex for 3 people who had been struggling with technology,  machines and signage all day.

The sensor here in Haldon is up in a Downy Birch tree, different from a silver birch as its bark is brown and downy, this one has lovely green moss and is losing its leaves, supposedly the birch trees loose their leaves early in the Autumn and we hope to capture this with the sensor and camera. I looked up the Downy Birch as I wasn’t as familiar with it as the Ash Tree with its Viking roots and the Oak with its myths of Robin Hood.  The Downy Birch is called the Venus tree and symbolises love and fertility, sometimes used for punishments and broomsticks.

The opening has come and gone, thank you for everyone who came along.  It was lovely to see familiar faces, partners of the project as well as people coming in from their activities in the woods.  We are getting really fantastic responses, discussions and questions around the work and many people are taking the phones out.  Possibly as people are used to do doing activities here and used to there being a gallery the audience seems open to engaging with the artwork in a way we haven’t seen so much before.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world… Rio is many degrees higher and Silvia has been out in Tijuca Forest collecting sounds of the sunrise that we will play in the gallery here from Tuesday. She is also preparing for an event in Rio on the 21st October to coincide with the talk that is happening at CCANW in the UK.  More about this later…

Tomorrow the gallery is closed and we will have a much needed day off, hopefully we will go down to the sea and have a paddle and catch up with Carlo in the evening.

Im off to the tree now to move the sensor so we can catch more of the the colours of the leaves, the autumnal red, oranges, purples and the remaining green leaves as the sky here is mainly grey, the shadows and branches are causing the UK forest to look so dark and cold in comparison to the light and deep greens of the Mango Tree in the Mata Atlantica.


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