humidity, Tijuca, Haldon

Silvia is preparing for a workshop to take place in the Rio de Janeiro, more information to come.  This will occur in parallel to the end of the residency and the beginning of the final exhibition.

Here in Haldon Forest the humidity is often higher than Brazil.  We thought about this and realised the English word for this is ‘damp’.  In Brazil the air is humid and hot, here in Haldon there is a micro climate that at this time of year has clouds and mist hovering  in the trees.  That said, it is mild here  14-16 degrees over the last couple of days and some Spring flowers are coming out. Confused and potentially devastating.  The ranger said the Deer that live here in the forest aren’t rutting as they wait for the frost, which means the baby deer will be born later and over a longer period of time.

The opening of the exhibition back here at CCANW, Haldon Forest will take place on Friday 21st October 6-8pm.  This will involve a talk between Active Ingredient and Carlo Buontempo, discussing the nature of our collaboration, a dialogue about bringing together art, science and technology and the research that this project is linked into.  We are hoping to link to Silvia in Brazil so she can discuss the work and event she is doing over there in parallel.

Over the last couple of days me and Rebecca have been working in shifts.  I have been busy with being interviewed on a local Exeter radio station, yesterday we had a school visit which involved great questions from the group. Robin is coming this evening and Rebecca is off home tomorrow. The residency is in full swing.  The machine has scorched up to 1976.  The hot summer of my childhood, a year when the average carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere increased by 1.3 ppm.

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