Exhibition at CCANW

C02 heat drawing future predictions

If you still havent managed to get to see the exhibition you have until January 29th to go along to CCANW to see the full display of C02 heat drawings, and watch as the visualisation slowly replays the data we collected during our residency in October last year, looking up through the branches of a tree in Haldon Forest, Devon, England and a tree in the Atlantic Forest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Two phones are available to take out with you into the forest to become a human sensor, ask at the reception desk for more information and also if you would a like a guided tour of the artwork.

Meanwhile… back at AI HQ we are preparing for a new development of the project.  Continuing our collaboration with Horizon Research Institute at the University of Nottingham, Carlo Buontempo from the Hadley Centre, UK MET Office, Silvia Leal and also Gabriella Giannachi, University of Exeter.  The project is looking at the relationship between Energy and Climate, creating a creative platform for capturing and interpreting energy and climate data.  It will involve us working with communities in Nottinghamshire, UK and the Guanabara Bay Region, Brazil to build an exchange and series of public interventions based on some of the work we did as part of A Conversation Between Trees, looking at building some machines, visualisations, narratives and interpretative tools to enable artists and communities to measure, monitor and interpret energy and climate for themselves.

We are also researching what energy is… who would have thought it would be such a difficult thing to define? and how artists have interpreted energy and climate historically and now, in these times where issues of climate and energy are of increasing concern.

The work we hope to produce will explore measuring, capturing and creating a tangible spectacle of energy and climate in response to technology and locality.

We have been discussing how people understand and think about energy and climate, how our environment affects our understanding and what our tolerance is to changing our relationships to energy and climate.



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