Klankenbos working sunday

Yesterday i woke up to a sunny day in the forest as I have today.

A nice breakfast (Belgian chocolates included – i am going to come back looking like a human sized chocolate truffle) and then the work started.  I started as i always do, fiddling with sensors. The issue this time is the power gorilla, the battery that powers the whole sensor kit. It wont switch on after i charged it here over night.  Im not quite sure what happened but quite a lot of fiddling later i have thrown my hands up in despair and decided i’ve had enough of sensors for one lifetime… im going analogue.

I spent some time wandering around the work in the forest and have filmed the ones that have been most inspirational, both for the rest of the AI team – there is some really exciting relevant stuff and also for the blog – but probably wont be able to upload them until i return.

The students are out and about in the forest planning their interventions and ideas for presentation this evening and Tuesday.  They sound very interesting and a really high quality of thinking and work going on.  Im looking forward to seeing them.

I am finding difficulties being part of a wider process for the students and finding out how to respond myself.  Over the last couple of years, spending so much time in different forests and thinking about responding to forests has involved such a long process. It is great to be back in a forest (albeit a tiny one surrounded by roads) but also somehow harder than I expected. With a new question (how energy relates to location and climate) i have been thinking and exploring… but it goes back to the issue that there are times to reflect and think about other work and a time to make and have ideas of your own, im not sure where i am in this process.

That said, I tried out some mapping and measuring in an analogue way along the lines of the human sensing we did for A Conversation Between Trees and have invited the students to a picnic on one of the sandy hills in the centre of the forest where pines and oaks make a nice setting for people to meet, eat and have a conversation.  I will record the interviews and talk them through sensing data using their bodies around climate – and energy consumption and release.  I am off into town to get some food for the picnic.

I also had a surprising idea for a kinetic installation based on the work with C02 sensing, the forest and the kinetic video about Energy we looked at in our workshops…  cant think of the name of it now to link to.  I woke at 4am building it in my head so maybe it is something that will stick. I dont expect to make anything whilst im here but it would be nice to come away with some designs.

In the evening we had dinner then I presented Active Ingredient’s work to the students. Caroline talked a little about the process of working in residence and then one of the students who is a video artist did some experiments projecting a film into the forest.  He found a spot where the path headed away and towards the road behind the forest.  This cast shadows and highlighted depth which was lovely in the darkness of the night, with the lights of the cars coming through behind the projection.  It felt immersive andslightly David Lynch like. We walked into the shadows of the trees, our own shadows merging with the shadows of the trees.

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