A picnic at Klankenbos

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day as I prepared for the picnic in the afternoon.  I started the day by walking into Neerpelt the closest town.  Interestingly it turns out this area was also an ex-mining community. I have learnt some more about the social political situation of Flanders, we are on the border with Holland and an interesting boundary space. I bought some foods based on different food groups and then walked back to the forest.  In the afternoon I spent a wonderful hour sitting in the radio room
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Klankenbos working sunday

Yesterday i woke up to a sunny day in the forest as I have today. A nice breakfast (Belgian chocolates included – i am going to come back looking like a human sized chocolate truffle) and then the work started.  I started as i always do, fiddling with sensors. The issue this time is the power gorilla, the battery that powers the whole sensor kit. It wont switch on after i charged it here over night.  Im not quite sure what happened but quite a lot of fiddling later i
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in Klankenbos

I am out in a sound forest on the border between Belgium and Holland, in a rural area with a forest mixed of pines, beech and oak.  In the main part of the forest you can clearly see that once this area was coastal, the earth is in fact sandy and the pines are similar to those you see on the Mediterranean coast. Here a cultural centre (including a theatre and music organisation) sits amongst the trees. I have been invited out to Klankenbos as part of a group led
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Exhibition at CCANW

If you still havent managed to get to see the exhibition you have until January 29th to go along to CCANW to see the full display of C02 heat drawings, and watch as the visualisation slowly replays the data we collected during our residency in October last year, looking up through the branches of a tree in Haldon Forest, Devon, England and a tree in the Atlantic Forest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Two phones are available to take out with you into the forest to become a human sensor, ask
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A walk in Tijuca Forest

After preparing the app with a Brazilian version, an event took place in Parque Lage’s grounds with direct and free access into the Tijuca Forest…   Fran Junqueira is a young artist about to graduate at the State University in Rio de Janeiro UERJ. Fran agreed to share her experience with us about her perspective of the application against what is otherwise a familiar landscape, the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro. Below is a transcript in English of my interview originally in Portuguese:   1 / How was your
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Final stretch of the exhibition, full set of drawings and talk

We are now back in Nottingham after (for me) 2 and a half weeks in Exeter and Haldon Forest.  It is also the last week for the exhibition at Rufford Abbey Country Park (Sherwood Forest).  It has been rewarding, frustrating and exciting (and sometimes a little scary). We collected the live data from the trees and despite various technical issues along the way with the sensors the trees did their conversation.  A full set of carbon dioxide levels from the Manua Loa series (Trends in Carbon Dioxide measured at Mauna
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Comments and photos from CCANW

“its like trees, like tree rings” “its like a painting, its fantastic” “it’s wonderful – and nature does the rest” “its depressing isn’t it?” (about the carbon dioxide data) “I think it is really important it comes from science.  It means so much more” “Thank you for doing this.  I work with this data and it is really scary.  We need more people explaining what is happening in a way people can understand” “It would be nice in your living room” “That is the role of the artist – to
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humidity, Tijuca, Haldon

Silvia is preparing for a workshop to take place in the Rio de Janeiro, more information to come.  This will occur in parallel to the end of the residency and the beginning of the final exhibition. Here in Haldon Forest the humidity is often higher than Brazil.  We thought about this and realised the English word for this is ‘damp’.  In Brazil the air is humid and hot, here in Haldon there is a micro climate that at this time of year has clouds and mist hovering  in the trees.
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