New \sensor box in an Oak Tree in Rufford Country Park, Sherwood ForestA box is attached to a branch of a tree in the British forests and the Atlantic Forest (Mata Altantica).  Inside the box are sensors that sense levels of temperature, humidity, C02, light, colour and sound levels recorded around the trees in both forests, which is sent live to the gallery via the internet.

We have developed our own environmental sensors that work with an android phone application to send the environmental data and a photograph once a minute from the branches of the trees in both the Mata Atlantica and the forests we visit in the UK.

These sensors have been built by Mike Golembewski (artist, designer and Doctorate Student at Horizon DTC) and Dominic Price and Mark Paxton, researchers at Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub, University of Nottingham.

sensor in a Service Tree outside CCANW in Haldon Forest

The Technology

The sensors are a temperature and humidity sensor, a small microphone and a C02 sensor connected to an Arduino board (USB Freeduino Module).  This is attached by a USB cable to an Android phone.

The phone app reads the data, takes a photograph with the camera on the back of the phone x 1 minute and sends the data via 3G to an online database.  The data is then accessed by the visualization interface in the gallery.

All the software and hardware development is open source, tutorials on how we built them are coming soon.

We are also using Sciencescope sensors that were developed for Active Ingredient’s Dark Forest research project (2009-2010).  These sensors involve temperature, humidity, decibels and C02 sensors attached to a hub that reads the data and send it to a Nokia 95 phone.  We are continuing to use this sensor kit for our participation and human sensor activities as they are designed specifically for use with young people.

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components of the sensor kit including the C02 sensor sponsored by Vaisala